Pratts Bottom Primary School

Physical Education

Physical Education at PBPS: Vision and Intent

At Pratts Bottom, our Physical Education (PE) curriculum is driven to create a long-lasting desire to keep physically, mentally, emotionally and socially active and healthy.  As our pupils progress through school, previous knowledge and skills are consistently developed to instil confidence and personal achievement.

High quality PE lessons delivered by staff and professional coaches, ensure that pupils leave our school with fundamental movement skills, the ability to develop competence in a wide range of physical activities, an understanding of how to keep up a healthy lifestyle through both diet and fitness, as well as accessing a wide range of sports and activities.  In addition to our core curriculum, we also have an enhanced enrichment offer in relation to sports clubs, competitions and participation in local events.

Our aim is for our pupils to acquire the knowledge and skills to lead a healthy lifestyle, live an active life and have the confidence to pursue different sports and activities in the future. Physical activity not only improves health, and reduces stress and enhances concentration, but it also has a positive influence on academic achievement, emotional stability and interaction with others. Within our supportive environment, pupils are encouraged to work hard, be supportive team players and confidently celebrate their own successes. We teach pupils to be creative and the skills needed to cooperate and collaborate with others as part of a team.  They develop empathy for others and the understanding of fairness and equality.

Throughout the curriculum, pupils are taught to self-evaluate their own and peer performance and how to build upon what they can already do, allowing them to take measured risks and challenge themselves to achieve their goals. 


PE Curriculum Overview: Implementation

Throughout their time at this school, pupils are taught the knowledge, skills and understanding of:

  • dance - modern, traditional and folk styles;
  • games - football, tennis, rugby, hockey, lacrosse, cricket, netball and rounders;
  • gymnastics;
  • swimming and water safety;
  • athletics;
  • outdoor and adventurous activities.

In addition to the timetabled curriculum, the school has a varied programme of extra-curricular sports activities.