Day Three

Today we went to the Brading Roman Villa and had a tour led by a member of staff named Spencer. Whilst we were there we learnt many fascinating facts such as the villa was not a fort it was used as a farm. After that, we was shown the mosaic and we were told by our tour guide that when Medusa looked into someones eyes they would turn to stone. We then competed in two groups , one year 5 and one year 6 to see who could complete the mosaic puzzle and guess who won, YEAR 5!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once we finished that, we went to the arena and played a game of it and then we had lunch at 12:00.

Once we left, we went on the coach and arrived at Robin Hill. We went on the toboggan ride which was really fun. We then headed to a squirrel tower and went to the jungle heights and came across a netted trampoline. The bird show was next, we saw three birds and learnt about their breed. One of the birds had a speed at 242 mph! We went on a swinging boat ride. To end the trip to Robbin hill we went to a 4D cinema which had loads of cool affects which made it feel like we were on a roller coaster.

Later on, we ate dinner and headed to a crazy golf course. We split up in groups of 4 and enjoyed all of the stages. Today was a lot of fun!

By Anna, Ava, Miya and Saya

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