Day 4

Sadly, today was our last day at the Isle of Wight. We started our day with a breakfast that would last all morning; we began the day with a trip to Osborn house. When we arrived at the house we strolled down to the Swiss cottage, where we split up into two groups (year 5 and year 6).

After admiring the cottage, we walked up to the mansion dropped of our bags before heading off to view the house. It had many majestic statues and paintings that hung from or in front of the high walls. The house was bought by prince Albert for just three million pounds. Then we had lunch on the green outside off the mansion.

We then took a short trip to a fossil museum where we learnt all about different ways to spot fossils. Altogether, the sapphires found lots of interesting objects: fossil wood, fools-gold, sponge stone, fossils of shells and one of us found a fossilised jaw of a fish!

We finished off our day with pockets full of fossils however we left with sad faces as it was our last day.

By Olivia, Jessica, Jessy, Layla

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