Day 1 on the Farm

We left at eight o clock and the journey took around four hours. On the journey we watched Jurassic Park and played many card games. We exited the coach and were told to take our luggage to the dining hall. In the dining hall we ate our lunch. Our first activity was at the camping field. Everyone was excited because of the massive zip line behind us. We were split into three teams and were given maps and a compass, unmistakably orienteering. There were twelve points we needed to find all across the farm. After that free time, everybody sprinted towards the zip line. It was super fast and at the end you went super high! There were eight different games mostly meant to help with teamwork, including: butterfly balance, magic carpet and enchanted forest. Another period of free time before dinner, except this time we had a decicion to make, either stay outside for fifteen minutes or go inside for the rest of free time. After that dinner, spahgetti, with three choices of toppings such as meatballs ,cheese and sauce and pudding which was cake with jam and custard. Soon after we had a night walk which was "unsucsesful" no bats or anything just a deer and a few bugs! We came back and were in our dorms for a bit and then Jack came in and suprised us with a movie, Paddington! After that bed time. Bed was really at eight but the movie was so long we stayed up later...

Flynn, Leon, Ryan and Tommy

#field maple

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