What a week

Dear parents and carers,

Well, where do I start? This week has been unlike any I have experienced. I would like to thank the whole school community. Following the announcement from the Government you have all rallied around to ensure that every child is set up for remote learning next week. I am so impressed (but not surprised as you are usually so pro-active) with how all the children and parents have set up their home learning codes on Seesaw and have been busily working on the activities the teachers have begun to set.

From 3:30pm this afternoon (20.03.2020) we will be closing our doors, to normal schooling, until further notice. This is a sad time for the children. However, we will ensure that the children are able to have regular access to their teachers. I have asked children, if they are able to, to post letters to each other to ensure they do not feel lonely in this strange time.

Remote learning will begin at 9am on Monday morning. Be prepared for a daily Joe Wicks 9am workouts to get the children ready to learn. Teachers will then post the following on Seesaw:  1 English task  1 Maths task  1 other subject activity Teachers will set the work and then will feedback when the work is completed. This will not necessarily be instant feedback so please bear with the teachers. This is the first time they have ever had to work like this and it is a big learning curve for them.

There are many free resources available due to this crisis. I will try to send this out on a weekly basis. I do not want to bombard you all in one go.

Our dedicated staff body have ensured that from Monday we are able to provide childcare for key worker children and those deemed vulnerable (as outlined by the Government). I would like to thank all the staff for being their absolutely amazing response to this request from the government in these unprecedented times. They have all risen to the challenge! I wish you all the best for the coming weeks ahead. If you have any questions, I am available via Seesaw or through the normal email procedures.

Stay safe.

Kind regards, Mrs Hodson Head of School

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