School Improvement Plan

The staff and governors have been working hard this term to ensure that we are moving forward with our School Improvement Plan to raise the standards of teaching and learning at Pratts Bottom. There will be more updates on this in the Spring term.

The School Improvement Plan is now available on the website.

Some of the main areas of improvement are as follows:

¨ All aspects of school leadership, management and organisation have a positive impact on children’s academic achievement and personal development

¨ All teaching over time is consistently good, with many outstanding features, and none requires improvement. This includes:

· Staff training supports the effective teaching of writing which has a clear impact on pupil outcomes for the more able.

· Staff training supports the effective teaching of mathematics which has a clear impact on pupil outcomes for the more able.

· The teaching of phonics and spelling across the school is reviewed and appropriate changes are made so that the trend of improvement in phonics continues and has an impact on standards of writing

¨ To ensure children are actively engaged and enjoy their learning and the school community.

· Ensure that pupils are more involved in decision making and therefore are able to contribute to school development.

· To broaden the curriculum and assemblies to ensure that it supports and provides opportunities to embed our own school values, a deepening cultural awareness and knowledge of the world.

· Continue to take actions to improve the overall attendance of some specific pupils as it is not yet good

¨ Attainment and progress in core subjects are at least in with national averages including the proportion of children achieving greater depth.

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