End of Term Round Up

The Spring Term has flown by. It always surprises me how quickly we get to Easter. It feels like only yesterday we were packing up the Christmas decorations. The Spring Term has been busy and also very successful. The children, staff and parents have embraced the revamped values and are now using it in their everyday life at school and home. I am so proud of the way the children interact with each other. Pratts Bottom is such a caring school and I think that the values revamp has helped to highlight this to all our visitors. This week, Holy Week, has been wonderful to experience all the Pratts Easter traditions. The egg competition was amazing. The time and effort the children (and parents) have put into the entries was fantastic. I really enjoyed both Easter assemblies and was very proud of the way the children demonstrated their understanding of the Christian meaning of Easter and how and why is it celebrated– in this country and in Spain! Sports Relief fundraising has been an overwhelming success. Thank you all so much for taking the time to gather the sponsors. The children worked extremely hard to walk or run a mile a day. We raised a staggering amount for a small school. I’m looking forward to the Summer Term especially to see the sight of the elusive sun!

I want to wish you all a wonderful Easter break. May it be peaceful and a time for family fun!

Mrs Hodson, Head of School

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