Sapphire Residential Trip

“This is a repeat after me song – what is it?” This week Sapphire braced the cold and the snow and headed for our residential trip to Windmill Hill. When we arrived, we met our leader (the wonderful Pixie) and she showed us to our cabins to unpack – always teaching the children new songs as she went.

Our first activities were archery and trapeze. The children showed real bravery when taking a leap of faith of an 8m high pole and displayed skill and precision when aiming for the targets in archery. After a dinner of fish and chips, we headed to the campfire to sing lots of songs and tell some stories. The children all embraced the campfire spirit and loved shouting as loud as they could!

After a good night’s rest (mostly) the children ate breakfast and took part in climbing and a challenge course. Climbing was great fun and the children really supportive and cheered each other on. All children attempted to climb the wall and all pushed themselves to their max. The challenge course was a time where the children could really practise their communication and team work. We pushed ourselves through a tyre wash and helped each other to climb over a wall. All the children showed real resilience and determination.

After lunch, our activities were the giant swing and fencing. While on swing, the children were active and in helping pull their classmates up to around 10 metres high where they would be let go and swung at dizzying speeds. This was so much fun and it was lovely to see the children will pure joy on their faces. I would like to thank Charlie for being my swing buddy and letting us go to the very top – what a thrill-seeker! Fencing was inside which is one of many reasons why it was so popular. The children showed some real talent in this sport and really enjoyed learning all the positions needed such as the ‘on-guard’.

Our evening activity on Tuesday was the disco where the children all put their glad-rags on and danced the night away. The PGL team were great at getting all the children (and teachers) involved and we had a great time. The next day, we packed all our things away and completed our last two activities: orienteering and zip wire. The children expertly read maps using a compass and zip-wired quickly from a high platform. Both activities showed fantastic team work and an ability to support and help each other. After lunch, we set off home, tired and excited to see our families.

It was an absolute privilege to see the children so happy and show such courage and bravery. All of us were nervous at some point over the trip and all of us overcame these worries in our own ways. It was also a testament to the children that even when we were cold, very cold, they very rarely complained and acted very maturity and sensibly when choosing what to wear – you should all be very proud.

Miss Ashlin

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