Day 4

Today was such a spectacular day, because we went to the Dino isle to go fossil hunting which was very fun but hard. Most of us found at least one fossil, we were hunting for fossils for about one hour. When we had got back to Dino isle we went into the gift shop. After that, we went back to the coach and our coach driver Mandy drove us to Robin Hill, it was about a 20 minute drive

but it it was definitely worth it.First, we walked to the 4D cinema experience it was about space and escaping the moon because loads of asteroids all the seats were moving and shaking it was all so fun We walked for about 10 minutes and then we got on to the ride Colossus. Next, we went to see a falconry show all the falcons came swooping around our heads. After that, we did a tug of war game we also had to lift half a ton, and we did it!After that intense game we ran to the squirrel tower we had lots of fun. Finally we had an ice cream and went home! Soon we will be having a Disco ☻ ♥


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