Day 3 Sapphire

Today started of like normal we woke up and got dressed ready for breakfast. We had a busy day ahead so we had a big breakfast, we had cereal and toast with jam or butter. Next we were able if we would like to have a potato waffle with scrambled egg or baked beans. Then we headed to brush our teeth ready for a day at Osborne house. Finally we headed on the coach and drove to queen Victoria's house.

When we finally arrived and were off the coach we went into the house to get checked in. Whilst we were looking around queen Victoria's house we noticed a bunch of naked statues and some very nice china we saw the room where she died and went all round her house then we went to the gift shop and headed back to the coach where Mandy was waiting.

We then headed to to the Roman villa as the crazy golf was cancelled because it had a flood. We had lunch it was very nice we had a cake, some crisps, a sandwich and a drink. Then we were given a work sheet to complete. Whilst we were looking around it was very hard then after a while we headed to the gift shop then we ran out in the rain back to the coach .

Once we got back home we got dressed into our beach clothes and headed down the to the arcade some people won something and lots of people had tickets then we headed to the beach, the sea was freezing, we jumped over the waves then dried our ourselves off and headed back up to the B&B and had dinner it was very nice, it was sausage and mash with carrots and sweetcorn.

This day was amazing i hope it's like this tomorrow :)


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