Day Two With Sapphire

Today , everyone woke up bright and early after an enjoyable sleep. We were so excited for what was ahead of us, as today we were going to Alum Bay and also Amazon world, which is a zoo. Firstly, we all rushed down to breakfast, it was: cereal, toast and waffles and eggs.

After breakfast we grabbed all our things for example: sun cream, water and our packed lunch. We hopped on the coach and made our way down to Alum Bay where we went on a boat trip to see The Needles. It was very choppy and Jodie didn't like the waves but on the way back it was smooth and less bumpy.

After the boat trip we walked up some really steep steps and made our way to the sand shop where we filled up plastic bottles with colours, they were really pretty. Once everyone had finished their bottles we headed out of the shop and ran to the toilets!

Next, we ate our lunches- it was yummy.

Sadly we had to leave and head to Amazon world.

At Amazon world we saw lots of cute animals also we listened to a zoo keeper talk about the ocelots, it was so interesting. Of course we went to the gift shop and Mrs Lippert got a giraffe called George- she loves it!

We then made our way back to the hotel for dinner we were having fish fingers and chips. We are just putting on our best clothes ready for the theatre, we are so excited!

More pictures can be found on the gallery page.

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