1st night at the Isle of Wight!

Dear Diary,

Today everyone in Sapphire had a restless night: the Isle of Wight was tomorrow! We met at 8am at Pratts Bottom. We arrived to find a small white coach waiting for us. Our parents (who definitely weren't in tears) were carrying our heavy suitcases into Sapphire classroom to meet all our excited, but nervous, friends. After the register, we boarded the coach and found our seats. We waved frantically to our parents, who we were going to miss terribly.

An hour later, we came to a sudden halt: traffic. We chatted noisily amongst ourselves to take our minds off the busy road, but soon enough we were moving again.

Eventually, we arrived at Portsmouth. A myriad of buildings and ships awaited us. We entered the docks in our bright-yellow hats and made our way towards HMS Victory, a ship that was used 252 years ago by Lord Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar. It was amazing to see all the hard work that went into building the ship. After a quick lunch and a look round the Portsmouth museum, we boarded the coach once more and drove onto a colossal ferry. We then sailed swiftly along the Solent sea. On the horizon, we could see our prize, the moment we had all been waiting for: the Isle of Wight! We all cheered hysterically as we sailed into the port and drove off the ferry.

After a short time, we arrived at our B'n'B, The Heatherleigh! We lugged our suitcases into our new home for the next week. After settling down and having a delicious dinner of spaghetti bolognaise and jam roly-poly, we decided to have a trip to the beach. Despite the cold weather, we all played happily together in the freezing water and we even found a crab!

Now we are back at our welcoming B'n'B all warm and cosy again. We hope we have this much fun tomorrow!

See you tomorrow evening!

#IOW2017 #SummerTerm

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