Year 6 Breakfast Club

The Year 6 children have been invited to partake of our excellent Breakfast Club Monday-Thursday next week, this is so they can come into school early, catch up with their friends and have a period of calm before they sit their tests. The Year 6s do not need to book in via SchoolComms BUT EVERYONE ELSE DOES! I am disappointed and concerned that people are still bringing their children into the club without having first booked them in. We do not have enough food ready or staff to man the club if, as has been happening, 5 children are booked in and 15 turn up! I do not want to make everybody get out of their cars and come and sign their children in every time they use the facility but it is feasible that we won’t be able to guarantee a place if your child is not booked in via schoolComms and we will have to turn children away. As I said last week 1 or 2 emergency places will always be available and the cost per session for these is £4 (usual price £3).

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