Breakfast Club

I am delighted to see what a success Breakfast Club continues to be with children enjoying a healthy, wholesome breakfast and spending time playing games, talking to friends and generally preparing for the school day ahead. Breakfast Club opens at 8am and finishes at 8:45am when the teacher on duty collects the children from the hall and takes them outside onto the playground so they can get a few minutes fresh air and a runaround before lining up with all their friends. Children must be booked in via SchoolComms a week in advance and the cost per session is £3 per child. Recently we have had a spate of pupils turning up for breakfast club who are not booked in. The danger is we won’t have enough food for them nor enough staff to supervise that many children. You must book your children into Breakfast Club in advance. The charge for just turning up will now be £4 per child per session and this is not advised but the facility for 1 or 2 pupils to do this is there for emergencies only. If you regularly use this facility please do book your child in using SchoolComms. Thank you.

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