Lent - Healthy Lunchboxes

Dear Parents & Carers

Happy St David’s Day and to the first day of Lent. Lent is a Christian festival which follows Shrove Tuesday beginning on Ash Wednesday-which is today. It usually involves giving up certain food types until Easter – when Lent finishes - such as chocolate, chips or crisps – basically any food beginning with the letter ‘C’ ha ha! So today seems like as good a day as any to introduce our re-vamped Food Policy which includes recommendations for healthy packed lunches.

These guidelines are just that but I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that chocolate and sweets are not permitted in school and cakes and crisps provide little nutritional value and as such are not ideal components of a healthy lunchbox. With the school dinners provided by Chartwells the menus are very carefully planned by professional nutritionists to ensure that every meal is balanced with low salt and sugar content. The frequency of certain food types e.g. chocolate sponge day comes around once every 3 weeks and so fits in with the overall menu. I enclose a draft copy of the new menu coming out after Easter – as I say it is a draft and is currently being approved by the Nutrition team so some things may change but it does give you a good idea. Every day we also serve salad and fruit so the children have a wide choice of healthy options.

In this pack you will find a copy of the Food Policy plus a Change 4 Life “How food smart are you?” booklet – that many of you have seen before but a reminder won’t do any harm – it contains stickers and quiz cards. The Sugar App is particularly fun to have a go at with your children whilst food shopping. Involving your children in their dietary choices will encourage them to make healthier choices.

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