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Over the forecast period, the stretch mark treatment market is projected to grow at a healthy rate. The market’s expansion is largely attributable to the increasing prevalence of obesity around the world, as well as the rising number of births, which has resulted in an increase in women’s worry about stretch marks. Obesity has tripled globally since 1975, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). About 1.9 billion people were overweight in 2016-2017, with over 650 million of them being obese. According to the WHO, the majority of the world’s population resides in countries where obesity and overweight kill more people than underweight. Furthermore, both developed and developing countries have a high number of births, which is driving up demand for stretch mark care products. Topical therapy dominates the stretch mark treatment industry. The high cost of other therapies like laser and Microdermabrasion is largely to blame.


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