The school is situated on the edge of the village, within the wooded valley that gives the school its name.  The school was built in 1886 to serve the largely rural community and daily logs, written by past Head Teachers, tell of the routines for the children and staff.


The original building comprised of three classrooms and a staff room.  Over the years it has been modified to reflect the changing needs within schools.  The building has been extended to include a hall/canteen and kitchen, the school office, a staff room and indoor toilets for the children.  The old School House was integrated into the school building and accommodates a music and drama studio and an additional teacher space, library, the Inclusion Manager’s room used for small group work and a foundation stage classroom.  It is known as the Hudson Suite, named after a previous Head Teacher who gave 23 years’ service to the school.  The grounds of the school have also been improved to include an outdoor climbing area for the foundation stage and a quiet covered area for children to use at break times, parents to shelter under and for teachers to utilise as an outside teaching space, irrespective of the weather.  In addition, the school has the advantage of its own large playing field that is used for a wealth of sporting and fun activities.


Throughout the last hundred and thirty years the school has reflected the advances and changes in state education whilst remaining a focal point for the local community.

Pratts Bottom Primary School Old